Fence Contractor: Using a Fence to Protect Your Garden

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Fence Contractor: Using a Fence to Protect Your Garden

When I bought a house with a large garden, I didn't think I would need a fence. However, once I bought a dog all that changed. My little pooch kept escaping from the garden and vanishing. I would have to wait up for many hours for him to come home. One time, he vanished for 3 days. I was out of my mind with worry as I wandered around the neighbourhood and putting up 'missing' posters. I contacted a fencing contractor and then talked about my needs and helped me to pick an attractive picket fence. Now I can rest easy, knowing my dog cannot escape. I decided to start this blog to advise others about the best fencing options for them.

Three Beneficial Anti-Climb Solutions for Residential Fences

There are multiple reasons for installing a fence around your residential property. One of these critical objectives is enhancing the security in your home. In simple terms, the fence will serve as a boundary marker, warning off potential trespassers against crossing into your land. Moreover, this feature serves as a physical obstacle against potential intruders. Unfortunately, a simple fence is not typically enough because determined individuals can still climb over the fencing. Therefore, consider incorporating one of these outlined security measures for better performance.

Security Fence Toppings

Security toppings are favourable because they present an inexpensive solution for a residential fence. This measure is adaptable for almost every type of fence; the toppings can be installed during construction or incorporated later on. In addition, you can choose features with a decorative aspect to make certain that the fence remains non-hostile. The most popular topping to consider is an anti-grab spike. Basically, a series of spikes are nailed or glued to the top part of the fence, limiting the ability of an intruder to hold on and climb. You can also use barbed wire, razor tape and even broken glass on walls. However, these pose significant hazard, so you might have to include warning signs

Anti-Climb Paint

You should consider applying anti-climb paint on your fence panels or bars. This is also an economical security measure for a homeowner who is concerned about possible unauthorised intrusion. As implied, anti-climb paint is a category of surface paint which can be identified by its thick and oily nature. This can be attributed to the use of non-drying oil in the product. The anti-climb paint is normally applied using a trowel or stiff brush. The appearance is essentially similar to gloss paint. However, the painted surface will always remain slippery and greasy, limiting the intruder's ability to gain a good foothold. You should note that the material will leave a mark on the person who touches the paint. Therefore, you should set up warning signs on the fence.

Trellis with Defensive Shrubs

A trellis can be installed as part of a residential fence to enhance security. Basically, this feature consists of a framework made using metal or timber bars. In ideal circumstances, it should be installed on top of panel fencing. The purpose of the trellis is to support special climbing plants. Therefore, you can enhance the security around your home by planting thorny bushes and shrubs which will creep up your trellis. The combination will form an attractive but dangerous live fence.

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