Fence Contractor: Using a Fence to Protect Your Garden

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Fence Contractor: Using a Fence to Protect Your Garden

When I bought a house with a large garden, I didn't think I would need a fence. However, once I bought a dog all that changed. My little pooch kept escaping from the garden and vanishing. I would have to wait up for many hours for him to come home. One time, he vanished for 3 days. I was out of my mind with worry as I wandered around the neighbourhood and putting up 'missing' posters. I contacted a fencing contractor and then talked about my needs and helped me to pick an attractive picket fence. Now I can rest easy, knowing my dog cannot escape. I decided to start this blog to advise others about the best fencing options for them.

Fencing: Ways to Make the Most of Your Yard Fencing

When it comes to fencing, some homeowners tend to assume that it is simply a background element on their property. The reality of the matter, though, is that your fencing can play a crucial role in the overall aesthetics of your landscape; therefore, it is not simply about selecting a fencing material then erecting the fence. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind, which would enable you to maximise on your fencing's aesthetics. Below are some of the different ways that you can make the most of your yard fencing.

Consider combining different fence materials

Typically, when people contemplate fence construction, they will one have one material in mind. However, if you are looking to construct a fence that will stand out, then you should consider using multiple fencing materials. For instance, a wood fence is well and good on its own but you can make it stand out by framing it with wrought iron. This not only makes the fencing sturdier, but it also makes it more attractive. You can also experiment with patterns with the different fencing materials to create visual interest. One thing to note with combining fencing materials is that you should limit yourself to a few materials or your fencing will end up looking busy and disorganised.

Consider connecting your fence to your residence

Another way to make the most of your fencing would be by connecting the fence to your residence. Generally, homeowners will have their fencing installed along the perimeter of the home to enclose their property. However, if you are looking to create visual continuity, you should opt to have the fencing constructed right from the house itself. This not only draws attention to the architectural style of the home, but it also unifies the overall aesthetics of your home. It should be noted that, when you choose to connect the fence to your home, you should stick to the same materials that were used in the construction of your home. This will ensure that the fencing will be complementary to the kerb appeal of your premises rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Consider camouflaging any transitions on your fencing

Transition points on your fencing tend to stand out since the structure of the fence will have changed. For instance, if there is a gate in the fence, the lines of the fencings can be visually disrupted which can make your fence look awkward. Opt to camouflage these areas by growing climbing plants that would also enhance the attractiveness of the fence.